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Kartra is an all-in-one business and marketing platform with features like email marketing, funnels, landing pages, videos, split testing, affiliate management and membership sites.

Kartra can automate emails and deliver personalized content directly to those targeted at just the right moment, as well as providing CRM management and customer service capabilities. It has built-in helpdesk features as well.

Getting Started

Kartra makes it simple and straightforward for sellers of fitness plans and fine art alike to easily create product pages in no time at all. Simply navigate to “My Products” in the left blue sidebar, hit the green “+” button to add your first item, and complete a series of steps – such as entering basic product information such as name, price, URL etc – before choosing payment method and setting tax settings and getting ready to promote.

Kartra offers more than just page builders; its email marketing module also includes broadcasts, automation, tagging and sequences – unlike popular services such as MailChimp or Constant Contact which require separate integration – and integrates seamlessly with landing page and sales funnel builders.

An additional highlight of this site is its capability of handling membership websites. If you run an educational training program, course or content online, this software can assist with creating and managing an entire membership area for your students – though note it does not feature features like learning management systems, quizzes or assignments.

As soon as you create a page with Kartra’s drag-and-drop builder, the drag-and-drop builder allows you to personalize its design using logos, menus, buttons, headers, text boxes, Google maps, videos and carousels – and much more! For those with more coding knowledge who wish to modify its layout further, HTML or CSS may also be utilized; plus its templates are responsive enough that they look great across any device including mobile.

This software features an easy page editor for easily personalizing pages. This includes options to choose background and color themes, fonts and more for page elements like backgrounds and color themes as well as pop-ups that capture leads or provide information or display carts. While its user-friendly editor provides some advanced features comparable to competing solutions.

Kartra may offer a robust feature set, but its use may not suit every business. Due to a lack of learning management systems and community features such as forums and directories, if you wish to offer your members an interactive and engaging experience then other solutions may be more suitable.

Set Up Your Administrative Profile

At first, Kartra will ask you to enter some basic details about your business – this includes your name, location, and contact information. After this has been completed, you can upload your logo which will then appear in any emails created through this platform!

After setting up your password for security purposes, you’ll be asked to explore Kartra’s various features – each section clearly marked and easily navigated using icons at the top of each page.

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing and sales platform with various features designed to help you expand your business. For instance, this platform enables you to build email lists, create landing pages, track customer behavior and send automated emails based on specific actions taken by them, as well as build shopping carts to sell products from.

This platform also allows you to create and manage membership sites, providing online business owners with a way to engage their customers more directly through training, quizzes, and community forums. Furthermore, brick-and-mortar businesses may use it to streamline backend processes more easily.

Kartra offers an indispensable marketing campaign tool that makes creating and managing multiple marketing initiatives simple and straightforward. Plus, its library of premium templates lets you take full advantage of this versatile software to meet the individual needs of each campaign you create.

Finally, this platform boasts an inbuilt communication feature that makes communicating with your target audience simpler via email or SMS. This handy feature can help reduce workload so you can focus on growing your business instead.

Kartra stands out in terms of pricing in comparison with other all-in-one marketing and sales platforms by providing multiple subscription packages tailored specifically to the size and needs of any business. Pricing varies based on factors like number of leads and domains required in each plan.

Set Up Your Tax ID

Tax ID Numbers are nine-digit identifiers used to establish your business as a separate entity from its owners, providing banking accounts, applying for credit and creating separation between personal assets and company assets. They’re especially essential if your business needs to pay additional taxes such as trucking firms or those selling products or services internationally.

To obtain your Tax ID Number, you can either call the Internal Revenue Service during business hours and wait in line until someone answers the phone, or use an alternative service that provides online applications with digital records of Tax ID Numbers rather than wait for a fax from them. Either method may take time consuming due to having to answer when called; failing this, any phone connection failure would have to start from scratch again. Another reliable option would be applying online with third-party services, where digital copies will be created of your Tax ID rather than having to wait in line when calling them directly – these services could provide digital copies of their Tax ID numbers rather than waiting for faxes.

Your company size will dictate which Kartra plan best meets your needs. For most small and mid-sized companies, the Silver Plan provides enough leads and custom domains. However, for businesses expanding rapidly the Gold Plan might be preferable as it provides over double contact/email limits than its Silver counterpart.

If your needs exceed 50,000 contacts or 10 custom domains, the Platinum Plan may be best. While more expensive than Silver or Gold Plans, it provides double the lead generation opportunities and custom domains.

Kartra offers an all-in-one platform, but also has membership features which make it perfect for online entrepreneurs selling courses or premium content. Unfortunately, its software lacks engagement features found on other platforms like GoHighLevel and Kajabi.

Set Up Your Email Addresses

Email marketing is a key component of online marketing strategy, and you must ensure it reaches subscribers successfully. Whether your aim is to foster relationships or boost sales and conversions, keeping an eye on how each email performs is crucial for effective email campaigns and business performance overall. When monitoring email performance consider open rates, click-through rates, spam reports, bounce rates and any other important metrics so you can optimize campaigns while improving overall business performance.

Step one in this process should be creating an email address specifically for your business. This should serve as the main email address and be included on all promotional material and business cards to increase brand recognition and professionalise it further.

Setting up separate email addresses for each product or category you sell will enable you to keep customer data organized in one central place and track each sale more easily, while also helping identify your most loyal customers so you can reward them with special offers or benefits.

Kartra offers an inbuilt chat and helpdesk system to assist with customer support, saving both time and money by freeing you to focus on other tasks while still helping your customers. Plus, this feature enables you to identify any recurring queries so that relevant solutions can be provided promptly.

Email autoresponders are an indispensable asset. By setting messages that will be delivered at specific dates and times, this tool enables you to prepare messages ahead of time for events or product launches that you anticipate hosting or are planning. Furthermore, automated emails can also be sent when certain subscriber actions take place, such as purchasing certain items or leaving reviews.

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